In a world where driving is becoming more and more hazardous by the day it is necessary for domestic drivers to take measures to ensure the safety and security of themselves and their vehicles.

Below are some of the products which AUTOTRONIX can san supply and fit to help protect you on the road.

DDPAI Dash Camera’s from AUTOTRONIX

Daily driving has changed in the past few years. And with a insurance costs only heading one way, there is only one way to prove a road traffic accident was NOT your fault. With the aid of a front facing high definition dash cam. In a now claim crazy world having a dash cam fitted can save you thousands of Euro from fraudulent insurance claims against you or your family while driving on the road. You can be the safest driver on the planet……. it just takes someone else to do something foolish on the road and suddenly your in a liability claim.  It is only a camera that can show who was at fault.

Based on HiSilicon’s new generation of Ultra HD Hi3516D platform, DDPAI team optimizes the image quality, not only achieving a huge leap from 1080P to 1440P in terms of specifications, but also to make dozens of optimisations in actual recording results and app playback experience. The new platform supports up to 128GB storage at the unit,  32GB are installation in our cameras unless the customer needs larger storage.

DDPAI Dash Camera

Autotronix can professionally Install a camera without seeing any unsightly wiring, hard wired to the vehicle’s fuse-box & automatically records when the vehicle starts. Our DDPAI mini2P supports 1440P ultra HD loop recording, with a sharpness of 70% higher than that of 1080P. No silly screen on these cameras, they connect directly to your Smartphone via Wifi and you can then download what video you need while sitting in the vehicle. These cameras have to be seen to be believed. The footage is class leading. We can demonstrate the camera to the customer before installation as they are fitted to my own fleet. The feedback from my clients after installation and use of these cameras has been absolutely of the scale. To date not a single bad comment on picture & audio quality, by far our biggest and best seller DASHCAM.

  • Requires an APP to be downloaded to your smartphone (free of charge)
  • Available for IOS & Android via App Store or Google Play Store.
  • These cameras are  12volt or 24volt. And are suitable for Cars, Vans, Lorrys and HGV’s.
  • As a certified DDPAI installer, rest assured you get a great product professionally fitted.
Interior Witness Camera


Autotronix also have an HD Interior Camera range ideal for Taxi’s or Bus’s that record what happens inside the vehicle. Very helpful while carrying members of the public.

Interior Witness Camera View


Looking for Safer driving for your commercial fleet?

We offer a full range of Tracking Services for all sizes of Commercial Fleets. Ensure your vehicles and drivers have the best protection on our increasingly dangerous roads.


Autotronix Parking Sensors by Park Safe

Our Park Safe rear unit detects obstacles at the rear of your vehicle. It’s uses ultrasonic sound wave technologies to detect obstacles behind you, then alerts the driver with a series of warning tones. With the increasing costs of body shop repairs, the benefits of having sensors is obvious, the average cost of paint repair on bumper scrapes is currently €400…..  While here at AUTOTRONIX we can supply & fit a standard 4 rear sensors flush fitted kit to your bumper with an interior sounder for half the price of a repair…. as every vehicle is different we also offer a colour coding service for bumpers that are painted with a 100% colour match to your vehicle original colour.

These sensors are professionally fitted and come with 1 years warranty on the parts and our labour. Our services can be carried out in our Drogheda offices , while our mobile unit can carry out the installation at a time and place that best suits you the customer. Installation generally takes about 1.5 hours, so if your at work, home, gym or just out shopping, We can come to you. We also have no call out fees in Co. Louth area we will only charge for the product and fitting with absolutely no hidden charges.

At AUTOTRONIX we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and every vehicle worked on is treated as if it where our own. Your vehicle will be in safe hands at AUTOTRONIX.

Meta trak

Meta GPS Vehicle Tracking by AUTOTRONIX

Unfortunately we all now live in a country where car theft is getting out of control. Back some years ago we remember the “Joyriders” steeling older easy to start vehicles. But know we are dealing with a whole new breed of car theft. One driven by the high price of main dealer parts for newer vehicles, which has pushed the black market for stolen car parts to new levels in the 2020’s. These parts are obtained by stealing our own cars from our homes, the workplace in the car park while shopping, the story is all to common now. Even though insurance companies will pay out on the loss. It’s our premiums that get hammered for years…….

This does not need to be the case at AUTOTRONIX I can supply and fit a Meta tracking device to your vehicle, and if that day comes and your vehicle has been stolen the device can relay the vehicles location to you on your smartphone in seconds.

An innovative GPS tracking system with all the features and benefits of an insurance approved product. Dedicated app for both iOS and Android. Simple to use vehicle tracking via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop ideal for a single installation use or for multiple vehicles as part of a fleet management system. Suitable for Cars, Van, Lorries, HGV & Plant.

Our META TRAK SHIELD product features

  • Dedicated user app suitable for IOS & Android
  • Online web platform – real time vehicle location and history on demand
  • Multi user access and multiple vehicle capability from 1 to 100 vehicles
  • European cover as standard (track vehicles Europe wide)
  • Historical route view (limited to 30 days)
  • Vehicle driving statistics (Hard Braking and speed)
  • Over speed warnings (set or personalise max speed limit)
  • Waterproof (but generally fitted inside a vehicle)
  • Internal battery back-up
  • Three year product warranty
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Mark routes as private or business
  • Geo-fence facility (assign specific areas which vehicle may enter or exit)
  • There are no monthly fees to be paid to the monitoring center for tracking.
  • A one off payment for the supply and fitting of the equipment
  • The First year of monitoring is FREE……

Then from year 2 on a payment for monitoring of €60+vat has to be made payable to the Meta monitoring company directly. They from there forward can answer any questions you may have and Autotronix will just cover for a fee the DeInstallation and reinstallation of the unit when you change to your next vehicle. It’s that simple……