renovotec autotronix

Renovotec based in the UK, specialises in sourcing, developing and deploying mobile enterprise solutions for a wide range of markets. Their aim is to make your supply chain operations more efficient, more productive and more profitable. Their client base includes organisations of all sizes, across multiple industry verticals – including Warehousing, Transport & Logistics, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Field Mobility, Utilities and Governmental.

What the clients required needs where,

  • Provide an all-Ireland Auto Electrical installation service for their clients fleet.
  • Professionally and with H&S in mind install the companies electronic devices.
  • Work under the instruction of a 3rd party in regards to time-tabling vehicles.
  • Provide an all-Ireland customer technical support vehicle cover.
  • Complete all installations with a absolute minimum of vehicle down time.
  • Consultation with input for technical design on future vehicle installation projects.

Autotronix by 2011 was well versed in mobile telecommunications installations, and was more than happy to take on this customer requests, this involved consulting with Autotronix on all stages of vehicle installation projects directly with Renovotec’s clients here in Ireland. From design to health and safety, going as far as having the drivers themselves have an input on where devices would be best located within their vehicles. I am a big believer in the involvement of aIl party’s to get the best outcome of any installation. I provided a completely bespoke quality of installation service for this customer, completed installations on a fleet 150+ vans with high volume installs in Dublin, Cork & Galway, I thankfully impressed all party’s with the efficiency of my service and overall commitment to the job at hand.   Over the years I have carried out many more projects with the same clients on behalf of Renovotec. This allowed Renovotec to free up much needed time to cover their very busy installation team in the Uk, thus increasing their productivity and profit margin, while at the same time knowing that their Irish operations are in safe hands with Autotronix. As to all of my customers, I offer professionalism and quality of service to every project I undertake no matter of the fleet size.