Verizon Connect – Formally trading as (Fleetmatics LTD)

Verizon Connect

Back in 2010 Autotronix was approached by Fleetmatics a global leader in vehicle GPS tracking, with their launch in Ireland, they had some problems locating Engeering teams to carry out on site installations of their new telematics product. It was here where I knew my company could have a place in providing this service. As Fleetmatics US and UKhad just opened a new european HQ in Dublin. It was the perfect time to start a new venture with a huge company.

The requested needs from the client where to,

  • To receive secured customer data from their scheduling team.
  • Liaise with their clients to arrange a booking time to install vehicle telematics.
  • To bring our services to the customer and complete works in a safe and timely manner.
  • Relay all info regarding installation back to Fleetmatics via email on the same day.

As a company I knew I was ready & able to offer my installation services on a then countrywide basis to Fleetmatics. A partnership I still enjoy the pleasure of working with today. To fulfil the customers requests I invested in a completed new i.T system to handle their exact needs eliminating the need for paperwork Job-sheets and fully complying with GDPR. A new fully equipped service vehicle fleet, as presentation was always at our forefront.

This contract would require making a friendly phone call to the customer and liaise with them a timetable that best suits to work on their fleet of vehicles. And all this within 2 hours from receiving the job requested from the Fleetmatics team themselves.

Autotronix would then arrive in one of our new fully equipped service vehicles , and acting on Fleetmatics behalf with an attention quality customer service and a professional product installation. The work would then be carried out. All details would then be returned in a PDF format to Fleetmatics for updating on their side of things on the same day thus speeding up Fleetmatics own accounting department with nearly live accounting and fitting details been sent daily, instead of monthly mail drops.

By allowing Autotronix to book, complete install then return all information on the same day, Fleetmatics freed up its own staff in both UK & USA offices and allow them to focus a huge amount of labour hours to other areas within their company. This allowed an increase in their own productivity all the while knowing that their clients are being looked after by Autotronix Installation Services.

This has been strong partnership over the years and I have adapted to customers needs, namely expansion of their product lines, and given Autotronix keeps on top of the latest technical information, it also saves Fleetmatics the time & cost of  training engineers, as Autotronix will look after its own training with no cost to the end clients, it’s just another part of my quality services.

As a service partner to this large multinational company, I have learnt many things working alongside this fast paced company, but most of all that customer service and quality installations isn’t just a request, it in fact is the definition of the work itself.